This semester so far has been a complete roller coaster. My original topic for the transmedia story was a pro bono law firm in Philadelphia, and I had been working on that for more than half of the semester. Even though I was frequnetly in contact with them, and even though they seemed to be on board with the project they had to unfortunately back out last minute. This was a complete bummer for multiple reasons, 1. I actually had intreats in exploring the details of their company, which now is off the table and 2. the timing was absolutely brutal. So for the past few weeks I have been working overdrive to speak to and produce content for my new topic. This new organization, which was introduced to me through a family friend, is called Fighting Back, and they specialized in helping people who have suffered a traumatic injury. It’s funny how things work out because working with this organization has been completely inspiring. I was able to talk with one of the board of directors and also interview one of their trainers. After talking to them I realized how special a company this this is, especially when you factor in that most of the people they help would not be able to get this help from anywhere else. When someone suffers a life changing injury insurance can only go so far, and fighting back takes pride in the fact that they are able to help people who have been let down by their insurance. In fact, a huge part of Fighting Back is their scholarship program which allows clients to be trained without paying any money. Having a company like this is essential for many ways, and after having the opportunity to meet some of the people who are helped weekly by fighting back, it is apparent that my story must raise awareness of the Fighting back as a whole. While this will be an important part of my story, it is not necessarily the dramatic question, that will most likely be the idea that insurance really hurts people sometimes and if weren’t for companies like fighting back so many families would suffer. Unfortunately there are not many companies like fighting back, and in following blogs I will try to go into more detail about statistics of those who have had a life changing injury, as well as talking more about some of the people I have met so far.

Included below are some favorite photographs of my own. There are many more like them but these three essentially capture the overall vibe of what I like to take. The commonality between them is nature; ever since I was young I have been fascinated with nature. That is why I try to focus on the “little things” nature possesses. Of course I’ve taken big wide shots of trees and outside landscapes, but I am more drawn towards small flowers growing on a tree branch or the small effects of an ice storm. I am also very drawn to animals, which is why I included a picture of my dog. The vision I am trying to create with these images is to express the fact that no matter what happens in the world things like animals and nature will still be present. So I like to capture things on a small scale to remind us how small we all really are.

In the corner of campion a girl sits by herself working on schoolwork. Her backpack is placed on top of the table as she periodically takes sips of water from her blue water jug, while doing work. There are also empty plates in front of her which could infer that she started doing some work after she finished her meal. She was wearing glasses, and they happened to match her light brown shade of hair. While the majority of her hair was brown she had subtle streaks of blonde strands throughout her hair. The blond streaks seemed to match her beige colored shirt, while also acting as a way to blend in her outfit with her appearance. Her hair seemed to be braided in two different areas which allowed some of the hair to rest on both of her shoulders. While some of the hair rested on her shoulders the rest of it settled on her back as it seemed that her hair length would reach down to her mid back.  However since her hair was braided it created the effect of hiding some of the volume that the hair appeared to have. The braids were held together by two separate hair ties, each one of them were only holding together one section of her hair. It did not appear that these hair ties were holding together multiple pieces of her hair, rather it was simply shortening some of her hair on both sides of her head. If it were not for these hair ties then her hair may have gotten in the way of her eyes which would keep causing her to brush the hair away from her eyes. She may have braided her hair this way so she could focus on her studying without the distraction of having her hair in the way. The consistency of her hair seemed to be similar to silk like texture, it gave the appearance that it had been washed and conditioned recently. Even though her hair was dry it did not have any loose strands, nor was it wet. All in all this students hair seemed very well taken care of.


My experience of sitting and taking in some of these surroundings while jotting was rewarding in many ways. For instance, it further allowed me to take in the small details of a given setting. This is something that I have always been interested in because sometimes the smallest things are where the best stories come from. At first I felt a little uncomfortable just looking around at different things without really making myself known, but after a while I think I was able to get the hang of it. I enjoyed the idea of moving around in a given space, I felt that it was important to cover all angles of something just so I didn’t jot down a stale viewpoint. In the beginning it seemed like I stayed in one position for too long, which only allowed me to see what was in my direct eye line. So once I started to move around a little I was able to see and notice things that I would have never been able to see if I was sitting in one position. Obviously sometimes I had to sit down for long periods of time to truly take in my surrounding while also taking the proper time necessary to write things down in the neatest way possible. However I did find the idea of walking and writing to be beneficial in some ways, even if the neatness of my writing suffered. If i had to make one criticism about my jottings experience it would be that I may have not engaged with people as well as I could have. I was still able to get a sense about what some people were talking about, but if i took the time to actually take with some of them in depth I might have been able to come up with some more details.



Setting the scene of Campion.

A series of glass panes surround the Saint Joseph’s dining hall known as Campion. The first four feet from the floor consists of standard drywall, and above that is where the glass is placed. As one peers through the glass dozens of students can be seen, most are seated as others walk around. After walking in to the entrance of Campion stations are set up so student can swipe into the hall, however only one if these stations is open because there is only one cashier working there. Once fully inside a separate seating area call the “fish bowl” can be seen, there are seven to ten long tables set up in there for student to eat. Throughout the rest of the dining hall multiple long tables are set up where different students can sit and eat. There are about forty to sixty tables all around the main part of Campion. At these tables students eat meals that they chose from the buffet style layout in the back corner of the hall. Most of the students are obviously eating, however some of them are working on schoolwork. The students doing this are either working and eating simultaneously, or they have just finished their meal and are dong work after. Lastly, Some students eat alone, others eat in groups, some study alone, while other study in groups. This speaks to the different patterns, routines and personalities that we all have.

The scene of DB

In DB there are a lot of long rectangular tables where students can eat and study, However not to many students were present in this area. There is a whole section dedicated to making the food that students order on digital screens. They order the food, they get the food, and then they take the food to a table of their choice. There is a ground level and a slightly above ground level of DB which can be accessed by walking up a couple of steps, there are some couches and circular tables up there. In that section about six girls all sit separately either eating or doing school work, two out of the six listen to music. While every area in DB has at least a few people seated in the general vicinity, one area is completely empty. There are four circular tables with four empty chairs around them, each table has a napkin dispenser along with salt and pepper shakers. Nudged in the corner is a high metal table with a microwave on top of it, there is nothing else on this table except a microwave. On the celling above is a TV that constantly runs Saint Joseph’s ads on a loop. One of the ads explains “talk with a hawk” along with other school run events and activities. Even in this desolate part of DB expressive things can still be viewed all around.

In DB two people who work there walk by, the distinct aroma of cigarettes is noticeable as they pass by. It can be inferred that the two went out for a smoke break just moments before they walked by. The bright rays from the sun can be seen coming through the windows and reflecting on the tile floor. Outside of DB there is a bike rack with two bikes locked in. One bike is pink and the other bike is grey. The entire bike rack is about six feet wide, the bikes are next two each other however there is a slot or two in between them. The owners of these bikes could have know each other and pulled up together or they could have been placed there separately. In the hallway between campion and DB a stair case begins as one and then separates into two, one is on the left and the other is on the right, both of them lead to an upstairs floor. This design repeats itself for a number of floors. At the bottom floor two girls chat about their roommate, they seem to be in agreement that their roommate has made mistake in some way.